Here Niedax provides you with technical videos such as short circuit tests, operating and assembly videos.

Short-Circuit Test Trefoil Formation, Niedax GRP cable ladder

Short-Circuit Flat Formation Test, Niedax GRP cable ladder

In the event of a short circuit, the power cables should not be damaged and the entire system should remain capable of being restarted.

The dynamic forces that occur in the event of a short circuit are absorbed by the cable clamps and the cable support system on which the cable clamps are mounted, so that tearing the cables loose from their point of origin is damped. As a result, the cables do not cause any damage to parts of the building or the electrical installation.

The positively tested cable support system Cable ladder made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic was specially selected for use in the offshore sector, since due to the oxygen-rich seawater and the high salt content, an increased corrosion rate greatly limits the service life of steel cable support systems.

Assembly of a device built-in trunking

Assembly of a device built-in trunking GKU with device built-in system GESL, GES, GDHR.

Applications Example of our cutting tool for cable ducts

In order to facilitate the conventional processing of the duct systems by sawing and cutting, Niedax has included various cutting systems in the program.

Our cutting tool is designed for safe, fast, accurate and right-angled cutting of steel and stainless steel ducts.

Notching Tool W-ALS in KR-Systems for Automation and Plant Construction

Our Notching Tool W-ALS in KR-Systems for Automation and Plant Construction – KSA for notching rectangular holes (50 mm x 55 mm) into channel tray side rails.

The handy notching tools also allow lateral notching in various dimensions, even on channels that have already been mounted.

CitoLine MTC

Five seconds instead of a minute! Did you know that you can reduce assembly time to only five seconds using the products of our Cito Line? The clickable system can be put together easily and without additional screws and tools. One click – done!

Assembly instructions: Swing-in ground channel (EDBK)

Step by step instructions to assemble a swing-in ground channel elevated along the rails.

Up tp 50% faster and more efficient installation. Only few people needed. No blocking periods necessary.

EDBK on the ground

EDBK elevated

EDBK flush with the ground

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