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ThyssenKrupp, Rasselstein is Germany's sole producer of tin sheets. At its production site in Andernach am Rhein, the largest of its kind in the world for packaging steel, the Niedax Group installed 1,000 m of cable ladders for a complex system of divergent cables, including extraordinarily large and weighty cables.
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Audi Plant

The Niedax Group supplied cable support systems for the production line of the A6 model series to Audi AG's second German location in Neckarsulm, including to the bodybuilding and conveyor technology areas. A total of around 21,600 m of accessible cable channel systems were provided.
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The Niedax Group has supplied an extraordinarily wide range of products in order to meet the varied and numerous functional requirements of the concert hall. This includes 9,100 meters of hot-dip galvanized cable channels and 4,500 function maintenance channels.
Niedax Elbphilharmonie

Baltic Eagle

The second largest offshore wind farm in Germany is currently taking shape around 30 kilometers to the north east of the island of Rügen – the Baltic Eagle project. Together with the Wikinger and Wikinger Süd wind farms, the new farm will become part of the Baltic Sea's largest wind farm complex when it is complete.
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SAP Garden

At the Olympic Park in Munich, the SAP Garden will become a multifunctional sports arena with up 12,500 seats that in the future will be home to the Red Bull Munich ice hockey team and FC Bayern Munich basketball team.
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Motorworld Munich

Motorworld Munich is an automotive world of experience for all car-related topics. During the reconstruction in 2021, Niedax supplied Motorworld Munich with 8,000 m of luminaire support profile and
6,000 m cable trays, partly in special painting.
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Tech Giants Rely On Our Products

As part of a joint venture, the R&M Electrical Group, the Niedax Group has already delivered a number of data centers and has a leading position in the industry in Europe.

The first joint project was named "Odense Data Center 3” or "ODN3” for short, a data center in the Danish city of Odense on the island of Funen.
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The cable support systems used in the project route large quantities of data and communications cables, secured above the servers in most cases using "frame modules". These modules are supplied preassembled, thus helping to save time during installation. Our products help to protect fiber optic cables and high-performance copper cables, and ensure optimal air circulation to guard against overheating.

Düsseldorf Airport

The expertise which the Niedax Group has acquired over many years in the area of preservation of the function of cables, wiring and routing systems was required after the serious fire catastrophe at Düsseldorf Airport. Today, 1,000m of cable trays ensure a functional electricity which meets the most demanding of requirements in terms of fire protection.
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Gotthard Base Tunnel

The Niedax Group supplied 8,000 m of stainless steel cable channels, 60,000 special support structures, and 120,000 m of GRP handrails for the Gotthard Base Tunnel project. The glass fiber-reinforced plastics ensure greater temperature and form stability. In addition, no toxic gases are produced in the event of fire.
References - Niedax | Kleinhuis | Fintech
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