As a system supplier with an extensive product portfolio of over 50,000 items produced on an area of 340,000 square meters, we offer durable products for a wide range of applications.

Because our customers operate in a wide variety of industries, we also offer individually tailored solutions. 

For us, customer service does not simply mean advice and delivery, but close cooperation at eye level to jointly find the best possible solution for each project.

Our Brand Products


Steel Cable Support Systems

Cable support systems made of high-quality steel are durable and flexible in use.


  • Supporting structures
  • Wire mesh trays
  • Ladder trays
  • All-round cable ladders
  • Gripple
  • Cable trays
  • Cable ladders
  • Wide span systems
  • Marine cable ladders
  • E-clips

Stainless Steel Cable Support Systems

Stainless steel is ideal for use outdoors or in aggressive atmospheres.


  • Cable Trays
  • Electrical Installation Material
  • Electrical Installation Ducts
  • Cable Conduit Systems

Cable Support Systems made of GRP

Glass fiber reinforced plastic is ideal for use in extreme weather conditions or aggressive chemicals.


  • Support Structures
  • Cable Tray Systems
  • Cable Ladder Systems
  • Cable Protection Trunking Systems
  • Cable Protection Duct Systems
  • Walkable Floor Trunking Systems
  • Handrail Systems
  • Stand Systems

Automation and Plant Construction

These products are particularly suitable for use in body-in-white production in the automotive industry.


  • Walkable Cable Tray Systems
  • Cable Tray Systems
  • Accessible Cable Tray Systems
  • Industrial Trunking Systems
  • Installation Tools
  • Mesh Cable Tray Systems
  • Support Structures
  • Cable Protection Channel Systems
  • Screw, Nail and Push-through Anchors

Electrical Installation Ducts

Electrical installation trunking provides a practical and visually appealing installation.


  • Device Trunking Systems from Steel
  • Device Trunking Systems from Aluminium
  • Device Trunking Systems from PVC
  • Industrial Trunking Systems
  • Device Trunking Systems from Aluminium
  • Energy Columns and Accessories
  • Cable Protection Trunking Systems made of PVC, Aluminum or GRP
  • Wiring Trunking Systems

Electrical Installation Material

Electrical installation material is suitable for different wires and cables in various applications.


  • Cable Clamps, Fasteners
  • Counter-, Double- and Long Tubs
  • Grounding material
  • Cable Support Trays, Cable Holders
  • Cable Clamps
  • Rails, Fasteners
  • Dowels, Screws, Accessories

Cable Conduit Systems

Cable conduit systems comprise a broad portfolio including fittings and accessories.


  • Cable Conduits made of Steel Ø 30
  • Fittings made of Steel Ø 30
  • System Accessories
  • Cable Conduits made of Steel Ø 60
  • Fittings made of Steel Ø 60

Offshore, Wind Energy, Oil and Gas

The offshore cable trays, mesh cable trays, cable ladders and support structures are specially designed for offshore use.


  • Cable Trays
  • Cable Ladders
  • Mesh Cable Trays
  • Support Structures


Cable Tray Systems

PVC cable tray systems are versatile, stable, safe and modern in design. In addition, the installation can be done in a time-saving manner.


  • Device Channel Systems
  • Mini Trunking Systems
  • Residential Trunking Systems
  • Electrical Installation Trunking Systems 
  • Wiring Trunking Systems

Fastening- and Connecting Elements

Cables and wires can be mounted safely and easily using these products. 


  • Cable Glands
  • Earthings
  • Illumination Sockets and Accessories
  • Clamps
  • Mounting Technology


Electrical Installation Conduit Systems

Fintech pipes are produced in stainless steel, material number 1.4301/1.4303 (V2A) and 1.4401/1.4404 (V4A), hot-dip galvanized steel and aluminium. Aluminium is particularly impressive due to its high resistance to seawater.


  • Socket Pipes
  • Socket Pipe bend 90
  • Threaded Pipes
  • Threaded Sockets
  • Clamps
  • Pipe Clamps with Thread
  • Plug-in Pipes
  • Plug-in Sockets
  • Threaded Pipe bends 90
  • End Sleeves
  • Pipe Clamps with oblong Hole
  • Mounting Rails and inclined Sliding Nuts

Cable Routing Ducts

Cable ducts are available in different sizes for different cable diameters.


  • Cable Guide Trunking Bottom Pieces
  • End Piece for Cable Trunking
  • Top Parts for Cable Ducts
  • Cable Trunking

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