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Screwing is good. Clicking is faster.


Whether cable tray or wire mesh tray: For a quick, clean and safe installation of any kind, the brand products of the NX CITO Line series are the perfect choice. With this product line, Niedax has created a fast alternative to conventional screwable mounting solutions. Without screws, without tools - simply bring together, click in, done!

The acoustic click confirms the exact installation. The installation fits perfectly and withstands high loads - just like systems with classic screw connectors. Dismantling can also be carried out in a very short time with just a few simple steps! A simple pressure at the connection point, pull apart and the connection is released.

Accessories specially matched to the systems round off the product line.

A real all-rounder

Our NX CITO Line products can be used everywhere and offer a variety of solutions for a wide range of wire and cable routing applications.

Whether on walls, ceilings or floors, on beams or installations: The clickable system can be mounted easily, quickly and safely. For the different mounting options, the NX CITO Line offers various options tailored to the different loads, as well as structural and legal requirements.

No matter in which industry - due to the variety of offered materials, surfaces, dimensions and approvals, our products can be used in all areas and countries. Whether indoors or outdoors: For exceptional environmental conditions such as high humidity, customers can choose from versions in hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Since our cable trays and wire mesh trays are also VDE-tested, they guarantee functional integrity in the event of fire in accordance with DIN 4102-12, making our products suitable for buildings and tunnels as well.

Thus, our products of the NX CITO Line offer safe and fast cable and wire laying in all industries when used professionally!   

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Great St.Bernard

In the course of the last rehabilitation stage of the large St. Bernard Tunnel in the Swiss Valais, Niedax EBO Switzerland installed approx. 5.4 km of RLVC 60.100 E5 cable tray in the roadway area after functional maintenance E90 and approx. 1.4 km of MTC 54.200 E4 wire mesh tray in the exhaust air duct above it after functional maintenance E90.

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Trendsetting office buildings according to the most modern standards: This is the Rhein-Palais-Bonner-Bogen construction project, which is being built below Bonn's Siebengebirge.

Niedax Rico has so far installed around 8,000 meters of our MTC wire mesh tray inside the office buildings. In addition, 3,000 meters of our RLVC cable tray are located in the associated underground parking garage with approx. 900 parking spaces.

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Killarney Brewery

For the construction of the Killarney Brewery in Fossa, Ireland, Niedax CMS supplied RLVC cable trays The cable trays were coated black, and stainless steel for the food sector was used in some cases.

Our brand products


cable tray, perforated, with stamped connector

  • suitable for a variety of fastening options e.g. openings for cable grommets and cable glands

  • stepless fastening due to offset bottom perforation

  • embossed keyholes for threaded rods

  • high stability due to deep bottom embossing

  • low risk of injury due to countersunk screws in the channel bottom

  • Can be combined with all our fittings and accessories

  • Our cable tray RLVC is available in immersion and sendzimir galvanized steel as well as in stainless steel.


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wire mesh tray, U-shaped, w. welded connector


  • easy handling and installation due to low weight and design

  • flexible installation by cutting and bending the channel

  • high hygienic condition due to low deposit area for dirt and moisture

  • good cable ventilation

  • Can be combined with many accessory parts such as ground clamps, mounting plates and junction boxes

  • Our MTC wire mesh tray is available in galvanized, hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel


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In addition to the MTC mesh cable tray, which has already been established on the market for years, we offer two other variants - a G-shaped and a V-shaped version.


Grid channel, G-shaped, w. welded connector

  • Perfect for direct mounting on the ceiling

  • Leaves room for lateral cable assignment


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Wire mesh gutter, V-shaped, w. welded connector

  • Perfect as an illuminated gutter

  • Insight and air supply from all sides


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Accessories mesh cable tray system

The CITO products are compatible with many accessory parts from the Niedax portfolio, such as grounding clamps, mounting plates and junction boxes. But also the product line related accessories are constantly modified.

Universal Fitting

For use as a horizontal bend, as a drop or riser piece
Assembly instruction
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Suspended Stem and Wall Cantilever

For screwless mounting on wall and hanging handle in lengths 100 to 400.
Assembly instruction
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Central Suspension, C-profile

ZC 100-400
For screwless mounting on the ceiling, double mounting or suspension from the ceiling by means of rope, chain or threaded rod.
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Mesh Gutter Fixing Clip

GRBA 40 E2
For quick mounting of the MTC on various outriggers.
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Mesh Gutter Fixing Clip

For screwless mounting of our wire mesh trays on standard RW separators. Captive due to self-locking contour.
Assembly instruction
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Mesh Gutter Fixing Clip

For screwless fastening of wire mesh trays to anchor channels with a slot width of 22mm.
Assembly instruction
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Universal Clamp

For cable fixing by means of U-clamps or cable ties, divider fixing by means of various perforations or for use of cable screws and junction boxes incl. possibility of wire clamping.
Assembly instruction
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