Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact our property department directly for a quote.


Overall management

Guido Stöcker
Tel.: +49 2644 5606 – 46


Object department north 

Berlin/Brandenburg, Bielefeld/Paderborn, Bremen, Dortmund/Münster, Düsseldorf/Essen,
Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein, Hannover/Kassel, Siegen, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Rostock, Dresden


Sandra Buslei (Teamleitung)
Tel.: +49 2644 5606 – 738

Anja Heßler 
Tel.: +49 2644 5606–716

Thomas Pfeifer                                                                                            
Tel.: +49 2644 5606–304

Maria Damert                                                                                               
Tel.: +49 2644 5606–511

Thomas Olbertz                                                                                            
Tel.: +49 2644 5606–62

Ulrich Haas                                                                                                  
Tel.: +49 2644 5606-735

Patricia Penthin                                                                                           
Tel.: +49 2644 5606-761


Object department south

Frankfurt/Main, Freiburg/Offenburg, Köln/Koblenz, Mannheim, München, Nürnberg,
Saarbrücken, Stuttgart/Heilbronn/Singen, Ulm/Göppingen/Ravensburg, Zwickau


Nadja Becker-Helmes (Teamleitung)
Tel.: +49 2644 5606 – 49

Sascha Schützeichel                                                                                    
Tel.: +49 2644 5606–736

Wolfgang Blumenthal                                                                                  
Tel.: +49 2644 5606–53

Andreas Huhn                                                                                              
Tel.: +49 2644 5606–747

Dagmar Flegel                                                                                             
Tel.: +49 2644 5606-711

Horst Hecker                                                                                                                                                                                                
Tel.: +49 2644 5606-771

Sandra Girnstein                                                                                          
Tel.: +49 2644 5606-451

Patrick Eulenbach                                                                                        
Tel.: +49 2644 5606-753

Please contact our application engineering department for this.

Thomas Schinowski
Tel.: +49 2644 5606 – 15

Frank Jungbluth
Tel.: +49 2644 5606 – 782

Christoph Kill
Tel.: +49 2644 5606 – 369

You can find the responsible sales department for your respective region here.

You can check the delivery times of individual items in our regional warehouses.


Regional warehouse Berlin in 14974 Genshagen
Tel.: +49 3378 862521

Regional warehouse north in 27283 Verden
Tel.: +49 4231 90 1120

Regional warehouse center in 06779 Raguhn
Tel.: +49 34906 21188

Regional warehouse West in 40721 Hilden
Tel.: +49 2103 41725 01 oder 02

Southwest regional warehouse in 73230 Kirchheim/Teck
Tel.: +49 7021 977 650

You can check the delivery time and availability in our regional stores (see also question "How long are the delivery times?").

You can find our current catalogs, flyers and brochures here.

If you would like to receive our catalogs in paper form, you can place your order here or send us an e-mail to: kataloge[at]

Documents such as certificates, certifications and declarations of conformity can be found in the download area.

If you do not find something, please contact us.

There is no general price list for this. The freight costs depend, among other things, on the delivery destination as well as the weight and volume of the shipment.

Each order is therefore calculated individually. Please ask our dispatching department or the regional warehouses (question "How long are the delivery times?").

In case of deliveries to construction sites, we submit freight charges. The freight costs submitted will be charged to the customer if freight-free delivery is not given.

Small orders of less than 100 euros net will be invoiced with a minimum quantity surcharge of 10 euros net per order. Small packs or containers are tailored to requirements and will only be supplied in complete condition. For orders that deviate from the packaging units, a surcharge of 5,- Euro net will be levied for each new pack or container.

You can find our detailed General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery here

If you would like to introduce yourself as a supplier, please use our contact form.

If it is a different request, please use our contact form.