What sustainability means for Niedax, Kleinhuis and Fintech

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Niedax takes responsibility for its entrepreneurial actions. 

We are convinced of sustainable development and healthy growth. That is why sustainability is a matter close to our hearts. All measures are in line with the United Nations' Agenda 2030.

For a sustainable future. And a safe electric world.


Natural resources represent a high and at the same time limited good and are worth protecting for the benefit of future generations.

We therefore focus on thrift, recycling and reuse, the avoidance of waste, and the manufacture of high-quality, long-lasting products.
Other measures include recording consumption values and optimizing them. Our environmental goal is to work continuously on improvements, above and beyond the legal requirements.

That is why we ensure durable products and a sustainable production method centered on innovative action and the use of the latest technologies.

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Currently, more than 60 percent of the electricity at the production site in St. Katharinen comes from renewable energy sources. This amount is being successively expanded.

Through an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001, the energy efficiency of the company Hermann Kleinhuis GmbH + Co. KG is being continuously increased. The use of LED lamps and modern heating systems permanently reduces energy consumption at the company site. 

By means of an advanced metering and monitoring system, consumption peaks and trends are detected at an early stage so that countermeasures can be taken in good time. Hermann Kleinhuis achieves a significant reduction in key energy figures by converting the cooling system for the production processes. Furthermore, the new cooling system is operated without chemicals (biocides).


A pleasant and sustainable working environment forms the basis for a healthy, satisfied and motivated workforce.

The basis for this is a solid preventive performance that not only covers occupational safety and fire protection in the workplace, but also strengthens employees' general safety awareness.

In addition, the offers of part-time work and flexible working hours open up the possibility of making family and career compatible in terms of work-life balance.

Qualified and motivated employees are of central importance for sustainable corporate success. At Niedax GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, around 95 percent of trainees are taken on afterwards. Here, employee turnover also remains low and the length of service of employees is above average at around 14 years.

Niedax GmbH & Co. KG has been working for years with the St. Katharinen Förderwerkstatt of Heinrich-Haus gGmbH and, through cooperation with the "Strünzer Pänz" daycare center at its headquarters in Linz am Rhein, is making a contribution to improving the compatibility of family and career.


Operating profitably in a tightly contested market requires constant forward thinking, evaluation and timely implementation of repositioning measures.

On the one hand, this involves concentrating on core businesses. On the other hand, acquisitions also help to expand competencies and make the range of products, production and services more flexible and thus more cost-effective.

Investments or restructurings in existing production facilities can open up new technological or organizational avenues. Our strength is always the principle of "everything from a single source". This is because we ourselves determine almost the entire scope of our value chain.

Our economic goal is to always be open to profitable opportunities for change through critical self-examination and flexibility, which give us competitive advantages and secure our locations.

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