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Niedax Thailand has been the leader in cable management systems, which has manufacturing facilities to support our customers in Asia-Pacific by supplying complete system solutions for a wide range of cable management systems in Hot-Dip Galvanized, Stainless Steel SS316L and GRP (Glass-Fibre Reinforced Polyester). With our knowledgeable sales and engineering team we are ready positioned to support all required applications & requirements from small to large scale projects.


Perforated & Non-Perforated Cable Trays

Cable trays are suitable for any sector and application from light to heavy duty requirements with a vast range of fully integrated products designed and manufactured to the highest world standards. Cable trays ensure mechanical and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) protection of data and power cables, Which Non-perforated cable trays provide the highest level of EMC protection.

Cable Ladders

Cable ladders are suitable for any sector and application from medium to extra heavy-duty requirements. Cable ladders ensure excellent ventilation of power cables. Niedax Thailand can provide the solution that works for any severe environmental conditions. Our technical & sales department offers a wide selection of raw material, loading capacity or construction requirements.

Support Systems And Accessories

Due to its long-time experience in any sector, many large projects, wide and deep ranges of cable support solutions, Niedax Thailand is the professional, which advises and provides you the best solution for installation of strut channel, brackets and supports. Typical examples are wall fixing, suspensions, racks, hanging systems, under-floor systems, floor, ceiling and floor-to-ceiling fixing arrangements, special and custom-made supports.

MTC Wire Mesh Tray

Wire mesh trays are suitable for any commercial, industrial or infrastructure project requiring rapid installation, good ventilation and easy layout of cables. They are especially recommended for power cables from light to heavy-duty applications and are also used in case of no dust or bacterium accumulation requirements.

GRP Ladder & Tray

Ebo Systems GRP cable ladders & cable trays offer high resistance to corrosion, insulating properties, lightweight, long life span, 0% halogen and excellent fire characteristics & UV protection. Cable trays KK series are quick and easy to install with patented solutions, and bolt free connections, and cable ladders UL series are designed to hold heavy loads with up to 6m supporting distances, and ensure 100% GRP products.

All products are designed with the right material and surface properties and quality for use in combination.

“Niedax Thailand offers a one stop shop which can provide complete E&I Packages”

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