Skills for complex sectors

Demanding tasks require a reliable partner. With our wide range of specialist skills we make sure to meet your specific requirements – perfectly focused on your project.

Our first-class references from the most important industrial sectors speak on their own.


Innovative industrial solutions

Well-known industrial companies, both at home and abroad, count on the electrical installation materials by  NIEDAX GROUP. We supply the entire spectrum of industrial production companies and have a very substantial number of satisfied customers whose important facilities have been equipped with cable support systems. 

  • Plant engineering
  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Printing and paper
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemicals
  • Steel works and rolling mills


Full steam ahead with customized products

Highly efficient, environmentally-friendly production, transfer and distribution of energy are essential for highly industrialized economies.

Cable management systems are essential in this sector but often have specific and complex requirements. They are used in both conventional power plants and solar or wind energy plants.

Niedax Group is strongly represented in both areas and is therefore making a valuable contribution to the future in terms of energy production.


  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Power plants
  • Nuclear power plants

Oil & Gas

High-quality materials for the high seas

The corrosive power of salt water combined with very changeable weather conditions creates an extremely aggressive environment for offshore installations. Technology for such installations must be absolutely reliable and can only be entrusted to experienced specialists such as Niedax Group.

  • Offshore
  • Onshore

Public buildings

Where crowds gather …

… the demand for smooth operations and safety is particularly high. Unique requirements regarding the electrical infrastructure in highly complex environments can only be fulfilled by an experienced specialist provider like Niedax Group. This is why our products can be found in almost any public buildings: from stadiums and sports arenas to hospitals and administrative buildings.

  • Non-residential buildings
  • Stadiums

Infrastructure & transport

Cable management systems for infrastructure applications

Shopping centres, train stations, airports: safety in the case of fire is of the utmost priority anywhere  people gather. Emergency lighting, lifts, smoke extraction systems and much more must remain functional over a sufficient period of time in order to save people’s lives. Niedax Group has been offering fully developed systems which ensure that function is maintained in the case of fire for a long time now. Our “KFO” routing system with integrated function preservation according to the DIN 4102-T12 standard for wall and ceiling fittings represents another significant step forward, as additional threaded rods are no longer necessary. For you, this means less material and quicker installation.

  • Airports
  • Trains
  • Shipbuilding

Tunnel construction

Maximum safety with Fire approved complete systems

With intelligent complete systems being fire tested, the Niedax Group ensures maximum safety and problem-free operation for excellent cable management in tunnels. In addition, our new handrail systems made of GRP guide travellers to the emergency exits quickly and safely.

  • Road tunnels
  • Railway tunnels

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