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Attractive new developments are a key to being a global leader with brands and technology. The potential business areas include all industrial and utility sectors where cable laying systems are in demand on a large scale and at the highest level. The customers with their individual requirements are always at the center.

The Research & Development (R&D) department of Niedax GmbH & Co. KG is dedicated to all topics concerning the product range.

In the further and new development of products, R&D is responsible for the conceptual design, internal as well as external tests for certification, patenting and documentation of the products.

The subsequent distribution of technical information for internal and external documents such as technical drawings and catalogs is also one of the core tasks.

By providing international 2D and 3D data, R&D also contributes to the digitalization of building design, which is steadily gaining relevance for sales and the building design process.

Digital Planning and Building

STEP files ("Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data") are an international standard that makes it possible to exchange 3D graphics between different CAD systems.

We are happy to make our STEP data available to you in the Product Portal.

If you do not find your desired items, please send a request to the following e-mail address:

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and describes a planning and control concept through which the entire life cycle of a building is handled. Thanks to BIM, 3D models can be created and blueprints can be easily read with virtual computer simulations. Especially in the project business, BIM has become indispensable.

Already from the first project phase, builders, architects and civil engineers must agree on the level of detail and the design standards. All relevant building data as well as all parts required for construction are digitally recorded, combined and networked in the best possible way.

In the near future, all buildings will be planned and built using this design model. It does not matter whether it is public buildings, infrastructure or oil & gas projects.

You will receive our article data in Revit file format. We provide you with our BIM data at bimobject.

Alternatively, send your requests to the following e-mail address:

Goals in Research and Development

The goals in the area of research and development are derived from our corporate strategy. In all its activities, R&D examines not only customer benefits but also the benefits for the environment and for the conservation of resources, for security of supply and, of course, for the competitiveness of the associated companies.

The individual specialist competencies of the corporate subsidiaries are combined in joint research and development activities. The result is comprehensive know-how that is also used in major national and international projects.

The focus is on application-oriented research and development. Here, the department is in constant exchange with partners from industry and university research. Thanks to this cooperation, we not only bring our projects to a successful conclusion, but also contribute to the practical and qualified training of young engineers.

Quality systems for preventive structural fire protection

Prevention is the best protection. That is why we are working to constantly improve and make more efficient the primary protection goals of structural fire protection - saving human lives and ensuring the preservation of economic property.

The requirements of preventive structural fire protection must also be met. As a long-standing partner with a comprehensive product range for "cable systems with integrated functional integrity", we offer planners and engineers support in the development of fire protection concepts for the respective construction project. We advise installation and assembly companies on implementation and offer support, including during construction, right through to final acceptance of the cable system.

A wide range of officially tested and proven designs and systems for cable installations with integrated functional integrity, as well as well over 20 years of experience in structural fire protection, give our customers the security they need - whether in industry, public buildings, event venues, wind turbines or infrastructure projects.

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