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Occupational health and safety comprises regulations and measures to protect the lives and health of employees at work. Occupational health and safety serves to prevent accidents in the workplace and to protect against work-related hazards and health risks.

Occupational health and safety includes all areas of occupational safety and health protection, such as workplace design, the safe use of work equipment or noise protection, load handling, the handling of hazardous or biological substances, occupational medical precautions and fire protection.

The basis for occupational health and safety is the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG). This obliges the employer to assess health hazards at the workplace and to decide on necessary protective measures. The Occupational Health and Safety Act gives companies creative leeway in the implementation of occupational health and safety measures in order to meet the different circumstances of each company.

The focus is on preventive measures. Aspects of occupational health and safety must be taken into account as early as the planning stage for workplaces.

ISO 45001 OHSAS Certificate

How Niedax companies implement occupational health and safety

Niedax, Kleinhuis and Fintech focus on the prevention of occupational accidents and safety risks in all operations in accordance with international and national standards and certifications.

Niedax GmbH & Co. KG was able to reduce lost work time in Germany by 60 percent in relation to working hours in 2020 compared to 2016. Our vision is that accidents will be completely avoided through appropriate precautionary measures. To this end, we have introduced an occupational safety management system based on ISO 45001 at our sites in Germany.
Management systems are maintained for occupational safety, environmental protection, radiation protection, health protection and immission control. The aim is to provide the best possible protection for our employees and the environment against accidents and incidents during the performance of activities in all areas of the company.

The performance and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System (IMS) and the degree of achievement of the targets set are evaluated annually. For this purpose, internal audits are carried out for all relevant processes at least once a year (but at the latest every three years).

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